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Our Year Round Training Camp has a new home: 3654 Bee Caves Rd in West Lake Hills. Call 512-470-0530 for appointments and inquiries.

What is OverSpeed Training :: Full Story

OverSpeed is when an athlete moves his or her body or parts of the body at speeds higher than normal competitive speeds. An OverSpeed workout requires athletes to run optimally as much as 8-13 percent faster than they are capable of running unassisted. The OverSpeed workout will activate athletes' muscular motor units in synchronized work and will often recruit new motor units within the same muscle.

OverSpeed360 Training System :: Full Story

This program was developed specifically with the needs of the collegiate soccer player in mind, although it can be adapted to players of younger ages and levels of development. These needs are the result of the fact that the level of competition in soccer has increased to higher and higher levels every year.

OverSpeed Training: The Most Effective Method for Training the Most Valuable Physical Qualities in Athletes :: Full Story

The ultimate goal of top experts and athletes around the world is to organize the training process to be as close as possible to the competitive effort. Reaching those levels is possible in two ways: the most natural is to put the athletes in the company of strong rivals as this transforms each drill into a furious competition. The other way is more interesting for coaches, experts, and athletes because it involves raising the talent level in a situation where there is an absence of strong rivalry. In these cases the athletes improve mostly because of the system of training, as they do not have the luxury of the natural selection that comes from the strong competitiveness of even level athletes.

Periodization of Conditioning: A Scientific Practical Approach :: Full Story

The major difference between present-day athletes and those from the past is the ability of present-day athletes to perform their skills at a greater intensity. This is possible because today’s athletes are much better conditioned than those from year's past. But what exactly is conditioning? Conditioning is the balanced development of the following qualities: speed, strength, endurance, agility and flexibility.

Bulgarian Leg Training Secrets :: Full Story

Ten years ago, the full squat was the foundation of exercise programs for almost all elite athletes in the Soviet Bloc nations, whether they were weightlifters or not. Soviet athletes - be they wrestlers, runners, fencers, soccer player or swimmers - all squatted. But studies led some to conclude that a particular form of what we'll call the high step-up had two significant advantages over the standard back squat.

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“This is a free country and you can choose anyone, but Angel Spassov’s OverSpeed Training is the best speed training you will ever have.”

Isaac Bruce, St. Louis Rams
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