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“This is a free country and you can choose anyone, but Angel Spassov’s OverSpeed Training is the best speed training you will ever have.”

Isaac Bruce, St. Louis Rams
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European Approach to the Warm-up in Soccer

At the beginning of a practice in Soccer or any other sport, it is necessary to reach a certain physiological readiness through a process that experts call the warm-up. The use of the term warm-up comes from the fact that body temperature rises up to 10° F and, as a result, the body gets warmer. This process needs some time to take effect, and that's why players need to complete a number of activities with gradual intensity in order to ready themselves for the high physical requirements of a soccer game.


OverSpeed360 Training System

This program was developed specifically with the needs of the collegiate soccer player in mind, although it can be adapted to players of younger ages and levels of development. These needs are the result of the fact that the level of competition in soccer has increased to higher and higher levels every year.


Nutrition for Soccer Players

The game of soccer is a typical acyclic sport. The intensity during the match changes all the time. The loading has an interval character, with frequent breaks and short rests. During a game phosphate and glycogen supply most of the energy, thru anaerobic (without oxygen) production of ATP (adenosine triphosphate).


The Street Touch Soccer System

The Street Touch System is the first soccer training program to give specific direction to the concept of wall training and to develop this idea into a tool that players can use in the process of making themselves the best soccer players they can be.


Typical Soccer Injuries and the Reason they Occur

Considering its popularity, soccer is far ahead than any other sports. There are about 300 million people playing soccer worldwide. Germany alone has 6 million people involved in organized soccer and this number constantly increases, especially after adding of the women's soccer competitions on the highest level - World Cups and Olympic games.


Important Considerations for the Periodization of Conditioning Elite Soccer Players

Experts from around the world share the common opinion that the most important components, which influence the quality of the soccer game are genetics, technique, strategy, psychology, and physical conditioning.