Overspeed Training



"This is a free country and you can choose anyone, but Angel Spassov's OverSpeed Training is the best speed training you will ever have."

Isaac Bruce, St. Louis Rams


"At the combine and in your personal workouts, speed is everything and Angel can help anyone increase their speed."

Blake Brockermeyer, Denver Broncos


"Angel helped me increase my speed while maintaining my strength. Now I'm not just strong, but I'm faster."

Ernie Conwell, St. Louis Rams


"As an NFL defensive lineman I need it all – speed, strength, and agility – and Angel not only has the knowledge, he can also help you achieve great results."

Cedric Woodard, Seattle Seahawks


"Simply put, the results I saw while I was training with Angel were amazing. I'm stronger and faster because of Angel. He also teaches you how to work hard and work smart."
Aaron Humphrey, Austin Wranglers